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🌟Mission Statement🌟


Catshill Rising Stars 🌟 aim to provide a fun and enjoyable learning cirriculum that will nurture and enrich your 'little stars' to explore and develop their own unique personalities in a safe and loving environment which will help them to succeed and develop the necessary tools for a enjoyable learning experience moving forward.💙

* We will have a strong parent partnership to work as a team, encouraging independence and unique learning activities which we can then help to extend this into the childs home environment💜

*To provide a enabling environment for our 'little stars' to thrive challenge and succeed 💚

*To be strong communicators modelling and extending language skills🧡

*Promote independence and self care skills to prepare our 'little stars' for 'big school'🖤

*A designated keyperson will support both children AND their parents/carers, working with outside agencies and to provide a personalised learning programme for each individual child🤎

*To be a inclusive setting supporting everyone!💛

Our Mission: Our Mission
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