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Catshill Rising Stars Preschool

“Catshill Rising Stars Preschool proudly adheres to the highest standards of education and caregiving”  
My dedicated staff team  is committed to providing a supportive environment for both parents/carers and their “little stars” and we will work together to support and nurture your most precious little ones to feel secure, happy and content and to prepare them for their learning journey beyond their  most precious early years. 🌟

I, Lisa Hadley, would like to welcome you to Catshill Rising Stars Preschool. ❤️🌟❤️🌟

With many years of ‘early years’ experience, I am passionate about providing the very best for your ‘rising stars’. We are here to offer your child the very best start of their learning journey. 

Catshill Rising Stars ⭐️ is situated in Catshill Methodist church hall. We are located at the back of the church through the brown double doors 🚪 We have access to our own large outdoor play area, which the church have kindly allowed us to develop just for our ‘little stars 🌟’ 
A large welcoming hall with a smaller reception area is used daily to provide a enabling, warm and welcome space for your children to explore and discover. 
The dedicated team provide a individually prepared learning experience based on your child’s current interest and needs each day 😀Your child’s achievements and developments are shared with you continuously, and we welcome feedback at all times so we can consistently assess develop and improve the service we provide. We are proud of the relationships we develop with all our families ❤️

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🌟All about us/fees🌟

From the Beginning

🌟Think. Reason. Question. Experiment🌟
These are just a few of the skills and qualities that children will develop at Catshill Rising Stars preschool. Since our founding, we’ve focused on supporting all our Rising Stars during all transitions throughout childhood.  All activities are designed to adequately nurture the emotional and intellectual growth of our Rising Stars, through stimulating interactions  and hands-on learning opportunities, our young children are free to develop into bright young inquisitive minds.
We believe that all children should have access to a quality early years education irrespective of their social and financial circumstances. 🌟 here at Catshill Rising Stars we have 😀NO HIDDEN FEES FOR OUR FAMILIES 😀We do however have wonderful parents/carers  who contribute towards the children’s daily morning snack and regularly fund raise to raise those extra pennies to support the children and preschool with the ever increasing financial burden in this current climate. We take children from 2 years old and they can continue their journey with us all the way until they begin 'big school/reception class'🤩FEES🤩 (SEPT 2024) 
8.30-9am.     £3            9am-12pm.   £17    12pm-3pm.   £17          9am-3pm. £29       3pm-3.30pm    £3               
We do open at 8.30am and close at 3.30pm for those parents 🌟  wanting a little extra flexibility .

This session(8.30-9am nad  3pm-3.30pm) is payable for ALL CHILDREN at a costing of £3 per session You can use this service ad-hoc (pay on the day) but you must call 📞 preschool  by 8am or 2pm  to secure your child’s space. You can also book your child a regular space which is payable monthly and you will be invoiced accordingly 😜

Reach out to learn more, and  secure your little stars ⭐️ place with us today!

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🌟Unlocking potential🌟

Quality Child Care

From language and literacy development to social skills and creative expression, the children at Catshill Rising Stars preschool are constantly being exposed to new activities and environments in which to thrive. We build on the strengths and interests of each child to help build a solid foundation where they can develop their futures. Each child is working closely with their key person to build a strong relationship and to learn and grow together. The key person will be there for both you and your child, so if you have any questions or concerns please contact them directly. Our door is always open and we value and respect our parent partnerships as they set the foundation for a successful early years.

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🌟Contact Us🌟

Interested in learning more about Catshill Rising Stars preschool? Please feel free to get in touch and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Golden Cross Ln, Catshill, Bromsgrove B61 0LG, UK


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🌟Opening Hours🌟

Come and see us any time after 9.30am (so we can settle the children) 

Mon - Fri: 8.30am till 3 pm Term Time only 

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🌟Parent/Carer Reviews🌟

🌟See What They’re Saying about us🌟

My eldest daughter came to this preschool and the confidence and social skills she has are brilliant. My youngest daughter grew up throughout Covid and missed vital social skills. She hardly spoke to anyone and was very shy. Since she started at Catshill Rising Stars she's gone from strength to strength, her confidence is amazing, her speech has improved ten fold and she absolutely loves it there. The relationships she's forged with the staff just speaks volumes, she loves them all and it will be a sad day when she leaves. She wrote a whole birthday card the other day because of what they teach here! I have no doubt at all where I will be sending my son when he  turns 2! Fantastic preschool and would recommend to everyone!

Laura F

My daughter goes here and I absolutely love how well she’s come on. She’s such a bright girl, the staff are all so welcoming and eager too see the children. Recommend this nursery too anyone xx


Absolutely amazing pre school, my child loves going there and he also gets a lot of support when he needs It, I find the team to have a lot of patience for them, after being a 3 different nursery's this is by far the best!


Lovely preschool my 2 and half year old daughter loves it here all the staff at the preschool are lovely and have really helped my daughter grow. Definitely recommend


My 3 year goes here who suffers from separation anxiety. The staff there have helped him so much in his confiendence and making friends! A year today I never imagined he would be so confident in going to school! The staff are amazing there, and all of them really make the effort to make the kids feel welcomed and involved.


Well… where do I start here, I’ve been with catshill village preschool now known as catshill rising stars preschool literally from the first few weeks they opened, all SIX, yes that’s right SIX of my children have attended.. when they first opened, it was a basic starting out preschool which even then was FANTASTIC, but now all I can say is WOW! The difference over the years and how this preschool has gone above and beyond for our children is just incredible, the setting is just beautiful so much for the children to learn and play with it makes u not want to leave and get involved as so much fun to be had there! Countless workshop days where parents can go in and play/explore, cake and coffee mornings for parents, special occasions all celebrated.. I.E christmas, Easter, eid, Mother’s Day ect ect to the fullest! Not to mention their graduations were they go all out, photos, medals, certificates all the safekeeps which is magical aswell as entertainment for the children! 
The staff each and everyone of them are all so down to earth, friendly and honestly make your child/children feel like their one of their own, safe and loved! 
Today my last baby graduated there and after 8-9yrs of being apart of the preschoolFamily I am absolutely devastated to not have any children attending this outstanding preschool anymore! 
I could not recommend this preschool enough it’s the best! 
The sherlock-Quinn family will miss you all endless amounts but wish u all the forever growing success in the world!!


My boys have only spent 6 months at this preschool after we moved into the area, and after only a day they felt comfortable. Its a very relaxed environment with staff that put in sooo much effort for the kids and also the parents. We had graduation this week and was blown away by how much the staff had put into the event and making it such a memorable day for all of us. My boys have been so happy here its just a shame they can't stay for longer. Would recommend this preschool for anyone looking to send their little ones.Big thank you to the staff for everything since we joined 😊


I would definitely 100% recommend catshill rising stars to any parent looking to send there child to preschool. They are such an amazing group of woman who go above and beyond to help and nurture the children in there care and do such an amazing job at it. Not only are the wonderful with the children they are also amazing helping with any help you need they will be there to help. I couldn't ask for more they are such wonderful woman and really do such an amazing job so if you're looking to send your child/children please do send them hear they are like a family and you and your child/children will have the best first start. They also offer an amazing range of different activities and amazing events.


honestly where do I start this nursery has gone above and beyond for my children my son started his journey here in 2014 even then this nursery was just absolutely perfect so friendly happy and bright 8 years later my 2 daughters started here and the way they have come on is more than I could ever have imagined they absolutely adore coming every single session this is not just a nursery all the staff go above and beyond to help and support in anyway possible it doesn't just stop at being a nursery I have to praise all of you for everything youve all done my youngest daughter will be starting here in January there is no other place I would have them be if I could give you all 100 stars I would top place top people ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Where do I start my first son Tyler joined when it was catshill village nursery he was shy and quiet and didn’t really know how to play with other kids a few short weeks and he was a completely different child the staff then and now are amazing always going above and beyond for our kids! That was 8 years ago fast forward to now my second son just graduated today although a little different these days to when they started they’ve come along way and no doubt a lot further to go always finding new ways to benefit our babies the girls have been amazing creating a safe happy place for my son and others to go thrive in  supporting my child and myself at times and encouraging us both! when he started nursery he was non verbal now he don’t stop talking 😂 to see the difference of  both my babies and their time at catshill rising stars is overwhelming we will be very sad to say good bye again! Thankyou for everything!


Jack started at this preschool when he was 2 we’ve watched him grow and leave for reception he’s now going into year 1, they helped him grow his confidence and now his little sister is their and will be completing her final year their. Absolutely love the preschool, such outstanding teachers their. Would recommend too any mommy’s or daddy’s looking too start their little ones at a preschool setting xx


Brilliant pre school with amazing staff! Im so impressed with everything and everyone that work there. They’ve shown so much kindness and support towards my son and me and my son seems to be having so much fun there. Couldn’t wish for any better place or any better people to take care of him.


I couldn’t recommend this Preschool anymore. They have been fantastic with both of my children and they have built up their confidence so, so much. So thank you for everything and thanks to you my boy is ready to start his next chapter x


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